JRM Charmer’s Lion King Princess

Gender: Female Date of Birth: 6/8/2012 Height: Est 14.2 hh
Registerd Name: JRM Lion Kings Grand Princess Registration #: TBD Color Genetics:

Princess was born 6/8/2012 from our very own JRM Perfection of Dawn and Charmer Prince of the Lion King.  She has a very laid back personality there isn’t much that will get her upset.  She loves everyone and is very gentle with kids.  From the first time we put our kids on her she rode them around like an old pro.  She loves to eat, which is why her nick name is Lil’ Miss Piggy.  She will let you scratch her all day long.  She also loves water, no matter, pond, rain, bath or sprinklers. She has three brothers JRM Colton who is for sale and JRM Josiah who has been sold, and JRM Phantom Knight who is for sale.

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