JRM “Cocoa” Mustang

Gender: Female Date of Birth: 04/01/2000 Height: 15.2 1/2
Registerd Name: Registration #: Color Genetics:

Cocoa my mustang mare born April 2000, she stands 15.2 ½ hands tall, is dark brown with black mane and tail.  She is out of the Paisley HMS horse herd near Lakeview, Oregon. Everyone asks if she is Friesian her mane come almost down to her legs thick and flowing, very long tail.  I adopted her from the wild, and she is the sweetest horse and very loyal.  She just has the regal look about her.  She loves to be around people.  She is my alpha mare as she is the oldest and has been here the longest.  The Paisley wild mustang herd has been genetically tested, the horses from this herd are from Iberian descent which is the foundation of the Andalusian, Lusitano, and Lipizzander breeds, and also has some Morgan, and Kentucky mountain horse, all gaited horses.  You can definitely see the Iberian influence in this mare.

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    JRM Bronson

    Bronson is a gorgeous black and white pinto gypsy/mustang cross born ...

    • Gender: Stallion
    • DOB: 08/12/2013
    • Height: Est. 15.2 hh
    • Reg#: TBD