JRM Franchesca Spanish Mustang

Gender: Female Date of Birth: 01/01/2013 Height: 14
Registerd Name: Franchesca Registration #: 13745348 Color Genetics: bay

Franchesca, is a mustang captured from the Sulphur herd in Utah.  This herd has been genetically tested and found to be nearly 100% Spanish horse, the Sulphur herd mingled with very few outside horses. Franchesca has a wonderful spanish gait, she floats across the pasture with almost no bounce.  I purchased her from the BLM auction and picked her up on Jan. 31, 2015.  She was rounded up by the BLM on 8/1/2014.  When I purchased her I had no idea she was pregnant, even when I picked her up she did not look pregnant but on 5/6/2015 she delivered a beautiful chestnut colt “Rocket”.  I am looking forward to training her to ride, she has a wonderful disposition and likes everyone she meets.

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