Gypstangs “Gypsy/Mustang Cross”


A gypstang is created.  I love the gypsy horse breed.  Such wonderful horses, strong, muscular, sweet, kind minded. I love the mustang, my first horse was a mustang, smart, intelligent, loyal, built to endure.  If you cross my wonderful Gypsy Vanner stallion with my beautiful mustang mares, you get a horse that has the great qualities of both of these horse.

This is the horse that can excel in almost all disciplines, from hunter/jumper, dressage, western, rodeo, friend, companion, husband/child horse. The horse that is welling to give its all for it’s owner.  I horse that is exceeding healthy, easy keeper, kind, loyal, built to endure in any competition.  A horse that will be your best friend.  Our ranch has 4 of these unique horses a year.  Pictured are birth and almost full grown.


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