JRM Bear’ Spirit Princess

Spirit Bear is our new filly. She came to us from Oregon. Her mom is Governor’s Rose and dad is Paddington Bear. We are expecting her to reach a height of 15 – 15.2 hands. She is bay and white. Such a sweet girl and so easy to work with. She has tons of feathering […]

JRM Willie New Gypsy Stallion

  In the fall of 2018, JRM Thundering Gypsies added our new stallion prospect to our growing herd of gypsies and mustangs.  Willie is a Gypsy Vanner pintoloosa stallion, we are hoping he will add some exciting colors and patterns to our foals.  We are hoping to have two full Gypsy Vanner babies from him […]

JRM Little Miss Independence

                                            Wow, what a Independence day present we woke up to.  JRM Freckles and JRM Cocoa delivered a beautiful filly.  Check out her page JRM Little Miss Independence “Indy”.  She will make a look […]

JRM Captain My Captain

Captain My Captain was born on May 4, 2015.  He is the son of JRM Freckles and JRM Jasmine.  He will be on the taller side 15+ hands.  This guy is super laid back, nothing bothers him, he loves everyone.  Check out his page under gypsy horse colts and stallions.  For sale $7,500.00 as a […]

Spoonbill visits JRM Gypsy Ranch

JRM’s Phantom Knight

Phantom Knight the son of Charmer Prince of the Lion King and Perfection of Dawn born on Nov. 4, 2015.  This hansom colt is for sale, should make 14.2+ hands.  Bone and conformation aplenty on this boy.  Want a show, stallion or dressage gypsy, this is the guy for you, he has a wonderful gait. He is […]


Our new bay Spanish mustang mare arrived on 1/31/15.  She is approximately 2 years old.  Unknown to us she was pregnant when she arrived and delivered us a beautiful colt on 5/6/15. He is sorrel with tiger stripes on his legs and chest.  The stallion is of unknown color and height mom is only around […]

Charmer’s Midnight Lady

JRM Gypsies newest addition is a beautiful black and white filly. Midnight Lady is such a calm sweet girl.  With her attitude and Charmer Prince’s being so much alike we are expecting great things when these two are paired in the future when she is old enough. Lots of great qualities in this girl.