JRM Willie New Gypsy Stallion

  In the fall of 2018, JRM Thundering Gypsies added our new stallion prospect to our growing herd of gypsies and mustangs.  Willie is a Gypsy Vanner pintoloosa stallion, we are hoping he will add some exciting colors and patterns to our foals.  We are hoping to have two full Gypsy Vanner babies from him […]

JRM Summer Breeze

JRM Ranch would like to introduce you to JRM Summer Breeze, Charmer Prince and Cocoa are the proud parents.  He is a tri colored gypsy/mustang cross colt. He was born on 7/17/2014. Summer Breeze was born friendly and curious and should make a great partner for whoever decides to take him home.

Charmer Prince’s Lucky Charm “Love Bug”

  Charmer Prince’s Lucky Charm aka Love Bug was born on May 1, 2014.  This proud sire Charmer Prince of the Lion King and dam JRM Glory were so pleased with him.  Love Bug is a palomino and white pinto with about 90% oatmeal palomino coloring and 10% white.  Love Bug  has two beautiful blue eyes. […]

Charmer Prince’s Lucky Clover

  Charmer Prince of the Lion King and Saratoga would like to announce the birth of their new filly. “Charmer Prince’s Lucky Clover”.  Clover was born on May 17, 2014.  She is a friendly and beautifully marked filly with blue eyes.  She should make 15+ hands and be super easy to train making an excellent […]