History – Temperament

DSC00314The Gypsy Vanner Breed is a stunning, one-of-a-kind breed of horse that came to the U.S. by way of early European Gypsy travelers. These horses were selectively bred to create a Shire-type equine that was colorful enough to match their ornate caravans, yet strong enough to pull their heavy carts. During the day, Gypsy Horses pulled caravans for miles, entrusted with the nomadic families’ worldly possessions. Once a temporary camp was established, these horses took watch over the Gypsy children — taking them on safe and easy rides and lovingly allowing them to climb and crawl over them.  In fact, at one time these horses were so valuable to the gypsies, that they took the form of currency in many areas.

According to old descriptions, Gypsy horses were to be “fleet of foot, good jumpers, good swimmers and able to carry substantial weight and draw heavy loads.”

Throughout the decades, the Gypsy horse breed has flourished.  They come in a variety of colors, from pintos to solid blacks as well as the less common buckskin and palominos.  Of course, long flowing manes and tails and an abundant amount of leg feathering is always highly desirable.  These horses are world-renowned for their intelligence, stamina, hardiness and sensibility.